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Contractual Sales Agreement

Breeder: Dixieland Rottweilers

Guy Spontino
177 Sawmill Creek RD.

Bluffton SC 29910
Phone: (843) 837-5107 Fax: (843) 837-5107


This contract Buyer: John Smith
Address 1:
Address 2:
Fax #:
Pager #:

This contract entered into this 24th day of January between Breeder:

Dixieland Rottweilers and Buyers: John Smith for the purchase of one Rottweiler.

In the consideration of the sum of $0000.00 such being the purchase price, and all

 mutual promises contained herein, Breeder promises to and does hereby deliver

 and agree to transfer ownership to Buyer of said puppy.

This Rottweiler male/female, " ' ' " Von Dixieland, was whelped on March 13, 2001

 AKC or Litter#______________ from the following breeding:

SIRE: Evmans Thunder vom Legende, AKC#: WP74853401 OFA#: RO-56188E24M


DAME: No-Bils Hannah Von Evman AKC#: WP80862607 OFA#: RO-59208E25F

 (EXCELLENT)OFA# ROEL3087 clear elbows

This puppy is of (possible show/Working)quality at the time of sale. Puppy's

Identifier/collar color: Black & Mahogany

Breeder guarantees this puppy to be from OFA / HD rated sire and dam. The health

 of this puppy is guaranteed to be good, to the best of our knowledge, at the time

 of the sale. The Buyer has a health guarantee extending from the time of sale for

 72hrs. in which to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian and is urged

 to do so. If the veterinarian finds anything seriously wrong with the puppy, it will

be replaced with another puppy of equal value at once or when available, provided

 a letter from examining veterinarian is offered as evidence of the puppy's illness, and

 the puppy is returned within guarantee period. The Buyer agrees to provide all

medical treatments to maintain the proper health of the puppy. It is agreed the legal

 ownership of this dog will be vested with the breeder until and unless all terms stated

 are accomplished as described herein. Violation of the terms of this contract that

could negatively impact this dog's health, safety or well-being may result in the buyers

being required to return the dog to the breeder within five days of receipt of notice

 from the breeder. The buyer will be responsible for the cost of the dog's transport

back to the breeder.Breeder agrees to guarantee for all genetic faults until this puppy

 is one year as in accordance with Florida State Lemon Law. This puppy will be

 guaranteed to pass his OFA hip certification at the age of two. These guarantees will

 be forfeit if the Buyer does not protect puppy from tug-of war games, running on slick

surfaces, jumping onto or off of anything without physical assistance of Buyer, riding

unprotected inside or on any vehicle and for any other like practices where the puppy

 will be at risk. If all precautions have been met and puppy does not meet above

guarantees, Breeder agrees to exchange puppy with a puppy of equal value when

available, or if Buyer wishes to keep puppy, any monies above a Pet price, which a

pet price will be $800, will be given only if proof is provided to the Breeder that this

puppy has been spayed or neutered.

Buyer also agrees not to breed this dog before it is OFA certified, and then to an OFA

or HD- rated mate. This puppy must be 2(two) years old before it can be OFA certified.

It is recommended that if this puppy is to be bred, that all precautions are taken to

protect future offspring from any and all hereditary faults. Breeder agrees to help with

research for the selection of a proper mate if needed. Buyer understands that this

puppy is a potential show and/or working quality animal and agrees to provide this

 puppy with proper training and conditioning for success. Breeder will provide

assistance and information to buyer to help them accomplish the success of this puppy.

 The registration name will include "Von Dixieland" and an appropriate name including

 the kennel litter letter of " ' ' ". The buyer also agrees to send copies of pictures,

certificates, titles and awards to update breeder on the progress and well being of this

 puppy.Breeder will give information and support to Buyer for the wellbeing of this

 puppy whenever needed. Buyer incurs all shipping costs, and the purchase of a

 proper shipping crate if needed.The purpose of this contract is to protect and preserve

the purebreed dog. NO part of this contract is transferable. Breeder will be updated

 on the puppy's wellbeing periodically in order to keep track of the welfare of this

animal. It is agreed and understood that this puppy has not been purchased for resale

 or for the use by wholesale operation. It is further agreed that the puppy will not be

resold to any pet shop, dog farm, wholesaler, or any agent of previous for any reason

whatsoever. It is further agreed that all efforts will be made to prevent the offspring


 this puppy from being sold to such parties.

Any further conditions for this sale shall be as follows:

Signatures:                                       Signatures:
Breeder: Dixieland Rottweilers
President Guy J Spontino                           Buyer:                   
Address: 177 Sawmill Creek RD.                     Address: 
Bluffton SC. 29910
Telephone#:  (843) 837-5107                        Telephone#:   
Fax #:       (843) 837-5107