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Dixieland is proud to announce are are "C" litter the approximate welp date is 

May 7th 



This union is a strong ling breed on many great dog Sire is 

Multi V-1 CH. Evmans Thunder vom Legende  BH. TT.  CGC.

Breed to our Hannah

some of the great dog in this line breeding 

INT. CH DOC Von Der Teufelsbrucke Sch III IPO III FH AD

BISS CH. MULTI V-1  WS. INT. CH. Santo Vom Schwaiger 

               Wappen Sch. III  IPO.III  FH. AD. silver  producer 

BIS. CH.  BISS CH. INT. CH. AKC CH. Champ Vom Vilstaler  

                IPO I  BH CGC AD#1 ZTP

To say the least we are very excited to see  the 

progeny of such this line breeding of such great dogs

 click here to see See our puppy questionare

All potential homes and others interested in our puppies MUST 

complete the form below as a first step to being considered for

 one of our kids.





Good time to call if we need to reach you:______________________________________

How were you referred to us?:______________________________________________

Are you interested in puppy( ) Older trained dog( ) 

Information only( )

Male( )Female( )

Structure/Size preference (circle) Large Standard Small None

Why are you interested in obtaining one of our dogs?_____________________________

Companion/pet ( ) Show/Breeding ( ) Obedience Ring ( ) 

Protection ( )

What qualities do you expect in this breed?_____________________________________

What qualities don't you want in this breed?____________________________________

Is this your first time with this breed?__________________________________________

Why do you want to own this breed?_________________________________________

Previously owned dogs_____________________________________________

Animals present at home now_______________________________________________

Have you examined our Sales Policy and Contracts?________

Are you committed to caring for this dog for its lifetime?__________

Are you willing to spay/neuter this dog? __________if not, why not?__________________

If you are considering breeding, do you promise to have this dog x-rayed for hip dysplasia____

Can you contact our kennels prior to breeding?________


Are you: M S D (circle)

Your age_____ # of children __________ Ages___________________________________

Others in household who will have contact with dog______________________________

Who will be responsible for this puppy?_______________________________________

Where will dog stay during the day?__________________________________________

Where will dog stay during the night?_________________________________________

Do you live in: (circle) Urban Suburban Rural (circle)

Do you own or rent your home? or Apt?______________________________________

Have you read information about puppy/dog care?_______________________________

Do you have all the equipment and a proper crate for this puppy?____________________

Have you checked into any breed/training clubs in your area?_______________________

Additional information that may help us make our decision:

Dixieland Rottweilers reserves the right to turn down any homes not deemed suitable for our puppies. We would like to Thank You for taking a moment to fill out this questionnaire. Please return this promptly. Again Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!


Guy J. Spontino

WE ARE A LIFETIME COMITTMENT OF JOY AND LOVE!                                        WE ARE NOT DISPOSABLE!!!!!!!!!!