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From the Beginning...
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In 1988 we rescued our first Rottweiler from a back yard breeder . it was the hand of god for us and Rebels Dixie lady. We thought that they were a noble and beautiful breed. I had heard that they were protective and loyal qualities I look for in humans. saw an ad in the local  shopper about an adult for sale. when went to see her she  was fly infested and bleeding for her wounds. chained with a logging chain that most have weighed fifty pounds. she had just finished a litter eight weeks earlier. she was in fair health I felt so sad I purchased her on the spot and took her home. salved her ears and washed her repeatedly. she loved living inside the house and was an asset the rest of her life. she went everywhere  with me. and when she went to the bridge it was in my arm with a gentle stroke and a loving word.    Then came My Savannah Shadow another rescue she was in need of a home. Dixie needed a sister for company. They played endlessly when she left savannah was heart broke and so was I. That's why we got No-bils Hannah von Evman. Savannah loved the puppy like her own they were great friend we took up showing after reading one book on it and it has been a wonderful pastime. are first show Hannah took a 2nd place and we were hooked. since that time we have meet many wonderful people and dogs. Just recently we have added a male to our kennel No-bils Kolonel V. Dixieland he was breed just for us and he is showing great potential as a show dog he has been winning for the tender age of 3 months and loves to be the center of attention.        

Guy Spontino owner,

lover and trainer at 

Dixieland Rottweilers