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American Rottweiler Verein Sanctioned Show
Place: Dade City, FL
Date: 4/18/99

 No-Bil's Hannah Von Evman


Class: Female, 18-24
Judge: G. Wodak


Critque: "18 month old, middle sized, middle strong bones muzzle could be a little fuller, somewhat more stop, dark eyes, complete scissor bite, dark mouth pigmentation, a little long in neck, needs a little stronger f forechest, correct standing, good markings, good coat, good top line, sufficiently angulation in the rear, free movement, friendly temperament"

American Rottweiler Verein Sanctioned Show
Date: 12/11/99 

 No-Bil's Hannah Von Evman  


Class: Female, open

Rating: SG

CRITQUE: medium size; more athletically built; good bone; alert and friendly; good feminine head; could be little more pronounced with medium size well carried ears; beautiful dark eyes; good muzzle could be a little fuller; mouth pigment is good; straight front with good tight feet; very good depth of chest; could have a little bit more width of chest; sufficient front angulation; good rear angulation; muscles are athletic and strong; very good neck, throat, top and bottom line; croup is good; coat is very good; marking are very good except on muzzle where should be a little clearer; free easy gate sufficient reach and drive; scissor bite; full dentition"